Message dropped - Invalid or problematic address

When I am trying to send an answer to a client, the forwarding fails with the following error: Message dropped - Invalid or problematic address

*the ardesse is correct and I can send an email without any problems 

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Hello, Here new ticket#3222659

@Joel, Our agent has cleared the bounces that occurred with the previous emails. Can you please try sending an email now and see if it gets delivered?


We are having the same issue. The reply is to tell them that we have their email account fixed now... Funny... We should be able to reset bounces ourselves. We are an IT support desk, this will happen again. 

I have the same issue The following message composed by you on ticket 5916 failed to reach the recipient

Reason: "Message dropped - Invalid or problematic address. Now could the issue be that the domain suffix is .sx? I was able to e-mail the customer 1 second after this came in 

I have experienced this problem with an email address we are in frequent communication with. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share the email address with you though to unblock it.

Hello - I am having the same issue, please let me know what I need to do to fix this. 



I'm facing this same issue and it is so frustrating. Message dropped - Invalid email address
If you send it directly from GSuite it goes through without any issues. 

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