Freshdesk release notes- 7th June,2018 ✍️


  1. Facebook app upgraded to V3.0 APIs: 

                    Performance upgrade to the latest version of Facebook Graph APIs - nothing more, nothing less!

  2. Emoji Support in Email, Twitter and Facebook tickets:

                    Have you wished sending emojis on tickets, particularly with tweets? It is now possible!

  3. Quick actions tip:

                Quick actions helps your agents to make use of the existing articles/canned responses in ticket responses in a quicker way. We've now added a tool tip in the canned responses section to help your agents find this option easily :)

Bug Fixes:

  1. Cancel To-Do reminders (Mint):

                    In some cases, the cancelled reminders were still active. We've identified the cause and the fix is in place now.

  2. Issue with values on custom date fields (Mint):

                    For accounts on -GMT timezones, the values set on custom date fields were dated a day older than the actual date set. This is fixed now.

  3. Kbase email address in reply:

                    In the classic UI, when the kbase email address was added to the reply, clicking on "Send" worked as expected. However, if you try to use the "Send and set as.." button, the reply window collapsed.

  4. Load more option in Forum moderation queue:

                    When there are lot of replies/topics awaiting moderation, the page displays few items upfront and collapses the rest under the 'Load more' option. There was an unexpected error that caused an indefinite loading of the page upon clicking this option - It has been handled now.

App Marketplace:

Did you know? You can write powerful apps to complement Freshdesk functionalities to create customised workflows for agents. Visit for further information.


Not in the title! Emojis appear as question marks in title "?". The y work fine in the ticket content.

How do we get emojis to work when replying from freshdesk to a social platform? We still only see ??

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