New tickets not showing automatically


I am new to Fresdesk, and I love it so far.

I am having one issue though - when new tickets are opened by customers, they don't show up in the ticket screen ( When I reload the page they populate.

Isn't this screen supposed to refresh automatically?

Is that a setting I need to enable?


I see that you've currently subscribed to the free sprout plan where the automatic ticket list page refresh isn't available. It is available from the next immediate plan blossom. For detailed information on the different plans, please visit this page.


Thanks for the reply.

Can you point out to me the name of the specific feature? I don't find any reference to automatic ticket page refresh on the link you sent.


It hasn't been referenced as a separate feature in the list but it comes along with the traffic cop and agent collision detection, both are aimed at providing non-invasive live updates on the ticket.


Hi there,

You offer a portal for the clients but there is no way for them to see the tickets they created! If the client login into that portal they see no tickets and no reply we send to the tickets are visible.

It looks like this portal is of no use even more it is very confusing since tickets were created and since they were not visible they were created again. How is this portal supposed to be used?


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