Freshdesk release notes- 13th June,2018 ✍️


       External ID availability:

                            Admins can now enable external ID field for contacts using the Customer fields section in the Admin menu. For more information on external ID, please read identifying contacts with an external ID.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Supervisor actions not captured in the Activities tab:

                        In general, any update made to ticket properties were accounted in the Activities section. We noticed that in case of passive updates like adding tags, sending email to requester/agent via Supervisor, the activities weren't captured.

  2. Emoji issue in the subject line of a ticket:

                        We had recently rolled out emoji support for tickets in Freshdesk. However, emojis sent along with the subject line of a ticket seem to break unexpectedly. This has been fixed now.

  3. Infinite loading of table view (Mint):

                        The table view of tickets wasn't loading up as expected when the browser zoom was set to a value lesser than 100%. It was an issue with the page CSS and this has been handled now.

  4. Leaderboard widget - missing data (Mint):

                        For agents working across different timezones, the leaderboard widget didn't show the standardised data. It seemed like some agents were missing out on the latest data. This has been fixed now.

  5. Missing link in Linked tickets (Mint):

                        The tracker ticket shows upto 30 linked tickets in the UI and displays a 'View more' option for further navigation. The 'View more' link went missing for a while and it has been put back to place now with this update.

App Marketplace:

            Credit Card & Social Security Number Masker (Mint):

                                Protect sensitive data in your tickets. This custom app hides credit card numbers and social security numbers included in a ticket. You can install this from Admin-> Apps -> Get more apps section.


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