Unable to setup dkim

New account setup last week. Setup custom email address and added our DKIM dns entries.  Today I go in to verify settings and it says that I have not setup a custom email address, yet it shows up on screen.

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That's unfortunate, Josh. I saw your comment on the other thread too! I'll ask one of our support heroes to assist you with this. 



We're having the exact same issue!

@Tom: Our engineers are on the case and you should get an update soon. I'll personally request the support agent handling your ticket to get back to you at the earliest possible.


Having the same issue... except we had verified our DKIM over a year ago and the records had to be re-added to our new hosting service. Needed to verify and no option to, so we wound up "deleting" the DKIM records existing in the panel just to be told we have no custom emails set up when trying to access the Configure DKIM page - even though when I try to make any that obviously exist, the system tells me that email already exists. Hum...

@Jen: Sorry about that! The agent has reached out to the team to help you with the DNS records. Please bear with us!


I have a similar issue. I did all the instructed work, changed DNS records on godaddy and it doesn't work.

I already have some DNS records to point to a different email provider, does that affect freshdesk?

What else could I do?


This is still issue, Freshdesk is ignoring those problems.

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