Freshdesk release notes- 23rd June,2018 ✍️


        Computer Telephony Integration: (Mint)

                            CTI framework allows you to integrate your favourite cloud telephony systems on Freshdesk. More details on this soon!

        API for Linked tickets:

                            You can now create trackers, link or unlink tickets using the API. This way it allows you to integrate with your service monitoring system and directly create incidents as tickets in Freshdesk.


        Download attachments in the ticket page: (Mint)

                            The download option was broken and the images were loaded in a new browser tab instead of getting downloaded to the local machine. This has been fixed now.

        Outbound email failure notification:

                            The outbound email failure notification were sent to the recipient instead of the original sender (The agent who sends the email). Now, the behaviour has been modified to send the notifications to the actual sender.

        Unable to add agents:

                            For accounts with no group set up, the admins weren't able to add new agents in the helpdesk. We had to create dummy groups in order to facilitate agent creation. This has been fixed now.



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Hello - can you provide a link to documentation on "API for Linked tickets"?

@JConner: The updated documentation is available here. Please scroll down to the Linked tickets section.



I can't find the documentation for the new CTI Framework compatible with new Freshdesk Mint. Is it available?


We are looking for CTI framework as well
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