Freshdesk release notes- 28th June,2018 ✍️


        Multi-lingual article search: (Mint)

                    With this enhancement, agents would now be able to choose the language and then select an article that they'd like to insert in the ticket reply. Highly useful in scenarios where you have one team that handles support for different regions/markets.


        Freshsales Integration - Creating Leads and Contacts: (Mint)

                        Now, you can identify potential leads and create them in your Freshsales account using the Freshdesk<->Freshsales integration, right from the ticket page. You can find more information on the integration here.


Bug fixes:

        Issue with Hebrew calendar:

                        In the Business hours setup, importing a Hebrew calendar to update the list of Holidays was buggy. It presented an empty list - our devs caught this and now it rightly shows up the holiday list.

        Attachments in the ticket templates:

                        Attachments available as a part of the ticket template didn't get ported over to the new ticket/email form when the agent tries to use the template. It has been fixed now - all attachments less than 20 MB get added to the ticket ;)

        Quick actions in ticket replies:

                        In case you didn't know about this earlier, quick actions let you to search and insert canned responses or solution articles in the reply by typing the respective keystrokes. '/s' was supposed to let you search articles but the article chosen by the agent didn't actually get appended to the reply. All this while, the canned responses were working just alright just by typing '/c' ! 


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