API v2 missing functionality

 While porting our freshplugs to the v2 of the API, we noticed some missing functionality:

1) Querying Contacts ( /api/v2/contacts  ) for an agent ID no longer works. Now one has to query Agents ( /api/v2/agents/ ) for that. The problem is that I may have a user ID and not know if it is a Contact or an Agent. Then, I query it as a Contact, get a 404 and go on to query it as an Agent. Adds complication and increases the number of queries.

2) Querying Tickets ( /api/v2/tickets  ) no longer returns responder_name or status_name. You can get the responder name with a query on Agents ( /api/v2/agents/ ) against the responder_id you get but it adds complication and increases the number of queries. No idea how to get status name.

Please, add this functionality back again. It will simplify coding and reduce the number of queries.

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