Freshdesk release notes- 5th July,2018 ✍️


     1. Customising your agent portal: (Mint)

                    We've seen a lot of our customers re-branding their support portal to reflect their brand's theme to provide a great experience for the end-users. Why "WOW" only the end-users? Give your agents a personalised touch by making the helpdesk look similar to your website. For more details, please read this solution article.

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        2. Session Replay: (Mint)

                        No need for screenshots anymore! See what your users do visually. We're bringing in this killer feature from our marketing automation software, Freshmarketer. This tracks the user movement in your website, records and attaches the video link to the ticket. Watch this in action here.

                        Haven't signed up for Freshmarketer already? No worries. Have a look at this article to know how easy it is to get started and setup the integration.

        3. Contact Import progress bar: (Mint)

                        You'd now be able to see the live status of the contact import. Also, you can cancel the import anytime you'd like to, even for blocked contact imports. This feature is very much liked by our devs ;) #Time-saver

        4. Surveymonkey Integration: (Mint)

                            The Surveymonkey app is now available for Freshdesk Mint. You can install this integration from here.

        5. Configuring DKIM:

                            Enabling DKIM in Freshdesk requires the generated DNS settings under Admin -> Email section to be added to your domain. Earlier, the keys generated seemed to conflict with a lot of other applications using the same key values (s1 and s2). Hereon, the keys generated in Freshdesk will bear the prefix fd to avoid potential conflicts.

        6. Additional APIs for Contacts:

                                New API endpoints for Send Invite, Restore a contact and Merge contacts added. Please find our API documentation here.

        7. Marketplace APIs - Timesheet:

                                You can now write apps to run on the timesheet section on a ticket. Interface API and placeholder API for timesheet entries available here.

Bug fixes:

          1. Canned responses on the new ticket/outbound email page: (Mint)

                                Canned responses in the new ticket/outbound email page weren't getting added at the right cursor position. This has been fixed now.

           2. Issue with "Table" View: (Mint)

                                  The Table view goes blank at times when the browser zoom is not set at 100%. This one's a patch fix supporting the previous bug fix. The table view is optimised according to the browser width.

           3. Error shown on tickets page - "The company is no longer associated to this contact": (Mint)

                                    For accounts that didn't have the One Contact Multiple Companies feature, this error showed up constantly on all tickets. This has been fixed now.

            4. Issue with Ticket templates:

                                    Agents were unable to use the templates that had attachments - the ticket was created wil the pre-filled values but the attachments from the template was not ported over -> Fixed!

App marketplace:

            1. Ringcentral Call control: Developed by one of our SI partners, LYL, this app offers you complete control over your ringcentral application right from within Freshdesk.

            2. OnepageCRM integration: Allows you to sync your OnepageCRM account with Freshdesk. Built by PieSync,  the 2-way sync app can be trialled for 14 days.

            3. Dynamics 365 CRM integration: Connect your Dynamics 365 CRM with Freshdesk to provide full 360 degree information about the users.


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Looks cool!!  

Is it also possible to add an option to change the top colour (header) ?

@Ilan: That's not possible at the moment! I'd recommend to create a request here - Let's float the idea with the Community :)


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