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Canned Forms help agents to get additional information from the users & also makes the user experience better to answer template questions. If you haven't started using Canned Forms yet, please request for enabling the feature in this forum thread.

If you're already using Canned Forms, we'd love to hear your feedback on the feature. Drop us a note in this forum on anything related to canned forms - use cases, suggestions and also some love ;)

Our team is all ears to hear from you!


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Hi Aravind , 

Are the forms restricted only for admins? 

One of my agents tried, and there were no forms available. 

Is this by design? 



Canned Forms should be available for agents, @Mile. It is not restricted to admins alone. 

Can you please ask the agent to logout and re-login back to see if the canned forms are available?


I can't use the preview canned forms:

"We're sorry, but something went wrong"

Can we use placeholders like:  {{}} prefilled out if they are available?


We've identified what the issue is with the preview. The fix should go out this Friday.

Can you tell me where you are trying to use the placeholders?


Hi Aravind, 

The user tried to log out and then log back in, but still, the canned forms are not visible? 

Please let me know how can we proceed? 


@Mile: We're looking into the reason why the canned forms aren't available for the agents on the ticket page. Will post an update shortly!


@Mile - We've identified the issue and we'll be fixing it on Wednesday next week!

I've requested access but haven't gotten it yet so can't check. My ideal usecase I'd need it to be conditional questions.

Can you set up questions as conditional based on the answers to a previous question?

eg. Dropdown question asking if it's hardware or software related.
Then if hardware then different follow up questions show/hide based on that vs if they'd selected software.

Or is it only limited to linear questions always showing?

@Carl - Wouldn't a dependent field answer meet your requirements?

I've added the feature to your account. Let me know what your feedback is!

For us no it doesn't.

1. Because we don't use the Freshdesk Portal to collect this data at ticket creation. 

2. It means we have to create lots of various fields on the ticket, whereas we don't want to collect this data as fields.

3. There's a limit to how many dependancies you can do.

eg usecase: We have a ticket for a project, there's a bunch of questions we need to ask the client before we can proceed with the project. Based on their answers to some questions we need to ask extra follow up questions.

an example is
1. What CRM are you using? A / B / C

2. If C, ask "What list should we connect to?" A & B options don't use List feature so this question is irrelevant for those 2 selections.

Right now we ask these questions via replies on the ticket. But often the client misses questions or gets overwhelmed. So I was in fact trying to build a solution like this using Gravity Forms + Zapier before you released this feature :) But this implementation you've done would is better (although limited since it can't do conditional fields). It's still got some usecases in it's current form but not the main ones we need right now.

Are we able to change the default wording when adding a canned form into a ticket? Saves the agents needing to change it from please fill up the form to something that feels more natural?

Would also be great if we could add the form links into canned responses. At the moment we are using these for booking forms (used canned responses before) bit of a background in the response and adding the form link in at the same time would be very handy.


Thanks for the info! We'll huddle internally and figure out how to solve for this!



Adding it into canned responses is a great idea. We'll explore how to do this. At the moment, you can't change the default insert text. We'll look at how improve that experience!

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