Tickets I'm Watching view cannot be filtered

The "Tickets I'm Watching" default view does not allow for sorting or filtering in any capacity. This is problematic because they only appear chronologically based on ticket creation date (i.e. in ticket # order). As a result, I must scroll through the tickets to find those that are still outstanding (the most common scenario I end up watching a ticket is because we are waiting on a third party resolution that takes significantly longer to resolve).

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We would like to see this feature as well, since there are items we are waiting for as well.

we are missing this feature as well.

We also noticed that tickets that are closed are still being watched as well.

Any input from Freshservice on this?  "Tickets I'm watching" is not editable.  A new view cannot be created either as watchlist is not available as a filter.

We use the watch feature a lot. So this view is really not useful because there will be so many closed issues we don't want to filter through.
An alternate solution would be a way to remove all watchers using the workflow automation. Say once a ticket is closed.

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