Observer is not found

i am trying to set a rule for web hook observer but i cant find Observer in the Admin > Helpdesk Productivity > Observer. section, Right now i have the trail account for the integration, Please guide me how can i set the rules for web hook integration

I need a quick response, please look into this matter ASAP. 

@Zain: Can you please check if your current subscription is on the free "sprout" plan? By default, observer automation is not a part of the sprout subscription.


@Aravinf yes it is, then please guide me how can i get observer automation, i really need this automation

@Zain: The Observer automation is available from the next immediate plan - Blossom. You might want to upgrade your subscription to avail the observer automation.


@aravind, can you please look through this ticket ASAP, i really need to know about it

but right now i just need to integrate the observer automation for my client, i cant buy or upgrade the current subscription,
can you please turn back my account to trail account if trail account has the observer automation?


Let me sync you up with your Account Manager on this.


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