Freshdesk release notes- 11th July,2018 ✍️


     1. Customisable Team Dashboards: (Mint)

                         This one's a big hit internally and we can't wait for you all to experience the customisable dashboards. Customisable Team Dashboards allow you to setup widgets and customise the dashboard screen for your teams. You can read more about the feature in this self-help article.

This is currently available for new signups and gradually rolled out for existing accounts on Estate and Forest subscriptions.

Bug fixes:

          1. Issue with Contact import: (Mint)

                             On Freshdesk Mint, trying to import contacts with tags failed earlier. This was due to a change in the name space for the field. This has been fixed now.

          2. Multiple survey responses on a ticket:

                              If the client's email system had any email scanners installed (primarily with Symantec), the survey links were scanned and it accounted for the click of the survey response. This resulted in multiple surveys on a ticket with the second one being the actual rating given by the user. This has been fixed now.


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You mentioned that these are real-time reports. How often do they update?

@Aravind S - Team Dashboards is awesome! However for things like Ticket Trends, I feel like we need to be able to select multiple groups, that would allow for more customisation within the Dashboards

@Aravind - Are you planning on adding more widgets overtime, or changing the customisation options?

I'm looking for things like;

  • The Graph from the default dashboard - Really useful to see busy periods in the day 
  • The to-do box - Personally I use this all the time
  • The ability to resize widgets - Some of my bar charts only have two or three lines so they can be smaller than others

As already noted, the "To-Do" box needs to be included here - along with the "Recent activities" link

We want to be able to completely do away with the default dashboard and just use the customised one in its place

- having to switch back and forwards between dashboards is painful... and extremely unnecessary.

Hello, About Customisable Dashboards, I'm having a problem, because we can not resize the grid to a larger size, so the information is being cut. Ex: I have 40 analyst, however, only 10 appears due to the size of the grid.

In addition, you do not have the option to categorize by company

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