Can't edit profile, modal dialog stuck and bug in browser console


The app is stuck with this modal dialog, and I have this error in the browser console:

Cannot able to remove site announcement TypeError: Cannot read property 'remove' of null

    at iframeOnLoad (freshdesk-efef4c8a2af6d9ea488d9052135eb4d4.js:90)

    at HTMLIFrameElement.r (vendor-e5423bf6f1531b6cbf033f4cac45079a.js:73)

    at HTMLIFrameElement.c (new-relic-b58bca4ac106f52ca0859f45fcd9e8c3.js:1)

Can you help?

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Hello Antonio,

We've fixed this issues with the page freezing up cos' of the modal. You should no longer experience this in your Freshdesk account.


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