Opening Tickets in new tabs

So, to make it more time efficient, I open each ticket I have to do in a new tab to process them. I see that this option is no longer available. If I right-click or middle click or any click on the ticket link, it opens in the main view.

Can someone confirm this as an issue or if this is intended?

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My colleagues and I are also experiencing this issue. 

Seems to be an issue across all browsers as well. 

It is likely an intentional change to their UI.   Please revert immediately as this is very very annoying.

The OLD freshdesk does not have this issue. I will switch back until this is fixed, or some way to open many tickets at once is found.

i have same this problem in my site sitedp ! can someone confirm this as an issue or if this is intended?


Bump, this is a dealbreaker for us as well and we would be very disappointed if this is not fixed asap, we would consider leaving again.

This will be fixed on the July 27th. We're really sorry about the inconvenience caused, this was not an intentional change.

Same problem here, very annoying! Roll on the 27th!

This doesn't work property today either. I tried clearing my browser cache - there is no change.

This was said to be fixed on July 27th, but the issue is still occurring today 7/29/2018. Any updates?

Are there any further updates on this? It is now 7/29, and this is severely affecting our agents productivity.

@all: The fix is live! Are you still seeing issues with opening tickets in new tabs? If yes, can you please switch browsers and see if this occurs on a specific browser config?


This is still broken for me in a Firefox Private Browsing window, so it's probably not a caching issue. It's pretty much the same as before, the only difference is this:

Previously, when using middle click, I was unable to open the ticket in a new tab at all. Currently, the ticket opens fine in a new tab, but after a short delay the ticket is opened in the original tab as well.

I tested it on Firefox Dev Edition (62.0b11)

The issue is still happening in Chrome and Edge. 

Both have had cookies and site data wiped. 

Also happens in an incognito Chrome windows. 

I can right click tickets and open them in a new tab now! However, if i press the scroll button (saves a click so I prefer to use this) the problem is still there.

Browser: Chrome

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