Opening Tickets in new tabs

So, to make it more time efficient, I open each ticket I have to do in a new tab to process them. I see that this option is no longer available. If I right-click or middle click or any click on the ticket link, it opens in the main view.

Can someone confirm this as an issue or if this is intended?

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Can confirm I am getting the same result as Adam. 

Right Click > Open in new tab is now working. 

However middle clicking a link still does not work. 

@Nikolay @Ben @Adam : We're testing this out on different browser/OS combinations. Can you please log out and re-login back to Freshdesk and see if it helps?


Issue not resolved on Chrome after re-logging. 

Chrome Version 68.0.3440.75

Windows 10 (1803)

Seems it was fixed last week but now its broken again.  Both Chrome and Edge.

Thanks @Ben. We're ready with the fix for the mouse middle click and it's currently in testing now. You should be able to perform the action post our next release.

@Jon: Can you please help us with the browser/OS combination so that we can check if it's happening on a specific environment? Also, it appears that the right click to open the ticket in a new tab works fine. Can you please help us with the specific action that you're trying to open a ticket on a new tab?


Hello, actually you are correct the right click is working.  But, the browser standard  for accessibility access for right click which is CTRL-click to perform the same action is not working, but was working prior to this bug a few weeks ago.   Please revert the CTRL-click action.

Thanks much,


@Aravind  -  is there an update on the open issue with CTRL+click problem that should also open to a new tab?

@Jon: The fix should be out this week. I'll update this thread as soon as the fix goes live. You can also follow our release notes to keep track of other enhancements/bug fixes for the release.



The fix is out live. You'll be able to use the mouse middle button to open tickets in a new tab as intended.


Thanks a lot for solving it quickly! Both right click and middle/scroll click is working now. :D

Glad to know, @Adam. Thanks to everyone on this thread for spotting this quickly!


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