List All Tickets - Only Returns 30 tickets?

Hi Guys.

When I run the required API call to list tickets "" it only returns 30 tickets at most. When I log into my customer's HelpDesk Dashboard there are 490 unsolved tickets...?

I also need to get a history of all tickets created over the last 6 months to store in DataMart for analysis. The required API call also returns only 30 Tickets... 


What am I missing?

I have used Postman to validate the API calls. 

I have also used Powershell to execute the API calls and I get the same data sets returned with both technologies.




Hello Jonathan,

By default the list APIs return 30 objects per page. The results are paginated if the number of objects are larger than 30 and you'll have to traverse through each page to get the complete data. You can also increase the number of objects returned per page from 30 to a maximum of 100 by including the per_page parameter. Please have a look at our API documentation available here.


Can I extract through API calls more than 300 tickets then, using the per page parameter?

@Giacomo, yes, you'll just need to loop through the pagination. The headers of the response from the API includes an item called 'link', which is the unique link to the next page of your results. I'm using Python, and I used the loop below to check for a proceeding page and re-query the API until the results are all in. You might also want to add the per_page parameter to your queries to increase the number of results in each response. 

Hope that helps!


#this queries the API for CSAT results, checks if the response is paginated, and queries again for following pages

desk = your support desk's URL
API_key = your API key
pass = your password

import requests as r

#make your query
query = r.get(desk+"/api/v2/surveys/satisfaction_ratings?created_since=2019-03-25T00:00:00Z, auth=(API_key, pass))

#convert the content to a Python list. This is your first page of results (30 by default)
CSAT = CSAT_query.json()

#the results may be paginated. The link is provided in the headers of your query object but we don't know how many pages there will be
#Loop through to check for pagination and add it to the CSAT list

stopper = False #prepping to exit the loop
count=1 #prepping a counter for a printer summary later on

while stopper == False:
        query.headers['link'] #check if there are more pages available
        print("Total", count,"pages totalling", len(CSAT),"CSAT entries")
        stopper = True #if no more pages, exit loop and print a summary of what was retrieved
        l ='<(.*?)>', query.headers['link']).group(1) #grab the next page's URL from the original response
        next_query = r.get(l, auth=(API_key, pass)) #query again using the new URL
        CSAT = CSAT + next_query.json() #add the new set of results to the existing list
        count += 1 #carry on


I have to clean 4000 pieces of spam due to Freshdesk poor security and lack of spam filters.

How do I list all tickets to move them into spam without having to do this 30 at a time?


is it possible to get Satisfaction Rating by company?


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