customer survey display issue

there are some random display on the customer survey, how to make it display normally?

Please see pic in below. 

repost screenshot here in case is doesn't show up image

(31.2 KB)

Hello Guanie,

This looks strange. I wasn't able to recreate this on a test instance. Can you try changing the values a bit and see if that helps? 


changed value, still acts the same. see below

(139 KB)

please see this changed value one below

(138 KB)

@Guanle: Can you please shed some light on the OS/browser configuration so that we can try to recreate the issue? Does this happen only with outlook? Did you get a chance to view this on a different email client like Gmail?


windows 10 1804 version , google chrome.

send me an email to our support email, and i will reply you with the survey.

We've recently noticed we are getting this issue aswell

@Guanie and @Sam: We've tested the behaviour and were able to recreate this with only Outlook windows app. Looks like it works well for other email clients. Our developers are on the case and we're hoping to get this fixed in a couple of weeks from now.

Thanks for helping us uncover this case!


@Guanie and @Sam: We've fixed the issue in our weekly release dated 2nd August. Head over to this forum to stay updated on the product updates.


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