Cannot access custom_fields to update a ticket

Hi there! I've been using curl POST and PUT to update certain elements of a ticket once they have been created. This seems to work for all fields like priority, status, etc but I cannot, for the life of me, access the custom_fields. We have a custom field called orderid, and it throws the following error 

"Request body has invalid json format"

this works:

'{ "priority":1}'

these do not work (i have tried a ton of different combinations):

'{ "priority":1, "custom_fields" :{ "orderid":1234} }'

'{ "custom_fields" : {"orderid":1234} }'

what is the problem? I can't find an answer online, but i know for a fact that these are valid json objects and these are the correct name for my custom fields. thank you!

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Hello Ricardo,

The custom fields would be prefixed with cf before the actual field name. Here's a sample of the fields configured in my test instance:


You can obtain the name value for the fields setup in your instance by accessing the List all ticket fields endpoint.


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