Release notes- 25th July,2018 ✍️


     1. Support for incoming images in Social channels:

                         With this enhancement, any media (image/video/gif) sent by the user will be made available on the Freshdesk ticket. This will empower agents to handle social channel tickets with much ease.

     2. Easier navigation to Companies page: (Mint)

                          The contacts option in the left pane has been rechristened to be called as "Customers" option. Clicking on this option will open a menu that can take you to the list pages of contacts/companies.

      3. Shopify Integration: (Mint)

                             The all new Shopify integration on the Mint interface allows you to connect multiple stores and also process refund/cancellation right from the Freshdesk ticket. For more details and feedback, please refer to this forum post.

Bug Fixes:

      1. Related articles not showing up for non-English languages:

                             The placeholder to fetch related articles on the customer portal wasn't working as expected for non-English languages. This resulted in zero suggestions even though the portal had many matching articles. This has been fixed now.

       2. Duplicate survey responses added to a ticket:

                              We noticed that the survey responses were recorded due to the presence of email scanners at the recipient's end. This happened when the emails were scanned and since the link was available in the body of the email, the click action was recorded. The behaviour has been changed to record the survey only when the user clicks the link and chooses the appropriate survey on the page that shows up. 

       3. "Can view all tickets from the company" privilege gets removed on editing a contact: (Mint)

                              This has been fixed now.

       4.  Unable to remove company association for a contact: (Mint)

                               If a contact was added to only one company in Freshdesk, you wouldn't have been able to remove the company association later. It required a secondary company to be added in order to remove the existing association. This has been fixed now.

App marketplace:

             Parent-Child synchronisation: This app works in tandem with the parent-child ticketing app and transfers all conversations from the parent ticket to the child tickets and vice versa. This is particularly helpful in cases where the tickets get assigned to different groups, enabling the agents to get complete context about the original ticket.


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Great update guys! 

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