Release notes- 28th July,2018. Editor fixes and more ✍️


  1. Clickable Logo: (Mint)
                    You can click on the Logo in the left pane to go back to the Dashboard screen. Not a great deal but quite effective if you're obsessed with metrics :)

  2. Table view changes: (Mint)

                    We've replaced the icons that let you to switch between layouts with the actual text buttons.

  3. New app locations: (Mint)

                    Apps can now function on the time entry modal in the ticket page and also in the contact details page. Start building your apps with the help of our developer documentation available here.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Issue with "Convert to topic" option in tickets:

                      When the option to convert the last 5 interactions on the ticket was chosen to be converted as a forum topic, it didn't work earlier. Fixed now.

  2.  Issue with copy-pasting tables: (Mint)

                        When tables from external sources (Docs, apps, etc.) were copied onto the ticket editor, the formatting wasn't retained as expected in some cases. This has been fixed now.

  3. Caret position in table cell: (Mint)

                        When you click on the cell in a table, the cursor was always placed at the end of the text and not at the exact position where you'd have wanted it to be. We've now fixed this and it strictly listens to your clicks ;)

  4. Right click to open tickets on a new tab: (Mint)

                          An unintentional change led this issue where you wouldn't have been able to open tickets on a new tab by using CMD+right click option. This has been handled now. Post the release, we discovered an edge case that still doesn't work as expected - Head over to this topic if you're using middle mouse button to perform the right click action.


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