Private notes emailed to customer when ticket is resolved

When updating a ticket to 'resolved', the customer receives an email notification 'Ticket Resolved' which includes the text of the last note on the ticket, even if it's a private note.

Hello Kyla,

That shouldn't be the case. Can you please check the email template for resolved notifications under Admin -> Email notifications -> Requester notifications -> Agent resolves a ticket section and see if the placeholder to include the latest interaction is added?


The option for Requester notifications > Agent Solves the Ticket is turned off.

I checked the template anyway, and there's no placeholder in the body of the email where it's including the text from the private note.


Do you remember setting up any automation rules that would send emails to the users on resolving a ticket? Perhaps, you can have a look at your Observer rules and see if you have one.


Yes found the culprit in observer rules. Thanks very much.

Good to know @Kyla. Browse through our community and stop by the Ask the Community forum if you've a question to ask/ help other community folks.


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