'Group' field disappeared from agent ticket form

I've been experimenting with the 'Custom Ticket Fields' app, and trying to get some custom fields setup, since we have several departments that will be using Freshdesk.

After I setup this app, the 'Group' default field disappeared from the Agent ticket form, and the fields from the Customer form won't update.

Further to that, the app itself stopped working entirely. I suspect due to the weirdness with the forms. Even removing the app doesn't fix the default fields being missing.

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The app wouldn't have any impact on the customer ticket form. The apps generally work on the agent interface and it's unfortunate that the group field went missing upon enabling the app. The app would hide custom fields based on the group/product selected on the ticket and if you're still seeing issues with the app, please drop us a note here. 


Yeah I'm still seeing issues. The group field is not a custom field, it's a default field, yet the app somehow caused the field to vanish from the agent form, even after uninstalled.

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