Freshdesk no long saving ticket information to jira

We've been using Freshdesk to Jira integration for ages and it's been working well, but since the beginning of August (2018) it's no longer writing the "Freshdesk Ticket" information to the Jira ticket.

It is correctly creating the Jira issue, assigns to the correct Jira Project, and all updates are being saved to the ticket, but as we rely on the "Freshdesk Ticket" field to be populated with the ticket number for reporting and billing.

Any idea how to resolve this problem?




Hello Rob,

Do you see a blank field (Freshdesk Tickets) or is that the field itself is not visible on the issue screen? If it is the latter, I'd suggest you to check the field configuration in JIRA and see if the field has been deleted/ removed from certain screens in JIRA.

I quickly tested this out in my trial instance and I was able to get the ticket information in JIRA.


Hi Aravind, 

Thanks for the quick response, you're right the field hadn't been added to the screens for a number of projects.

Now I've added the field back into the screen for those projects not using the default template and the freshdesk ticket number is being added as required for all new tickets being created.




You should be able to change the field behaviour under field configurations section in JIRA. You can change it from required to optional. More on this here.


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