Looking for a way to group your customers in Freshdesk? Say "Hello" to Customer Segments!


We're excited to announce the launch of 'Customer Segments' in Freshdesk. This enables you to create different segments of users (contacts/companies) based on any criteria (Industry, Subscription, Region, etc.).

With this, the contacts page gets a filter pane on the right (similar to the tickets list view) to easily filter/create segments and you can also run automations based on your customer segments. 

If you'd like to enable customer segments (BETA) on your Freshdesk account, please drop us a note here. This feature is available only on MINT and you can read this solution article to know more.

**Update** Customer Segments is now available for all Estate and Forest 2017 plans.


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Very interested, please enable on our account

@Michelle: Thanks for opting in :) I've enabled the feature on your account. Try it out and drop us a note on your experience.


Good addition!. It would be great if we could restrict solution articles/folders to specific customer segments.

Please enable on our account as well. 

We are interested too, please enable it for our account. Will we be able to also filter on custom Contacts/Companies' fields?

@Pablo: That's definitely in our plans. Try this version and let us know if you have any feedback :)

@Auston: Enabled it for you!

@Michel: Done! You'd be able to filter based on the custom fields too (Checkboxes, Number & Dropdown type fields)

We're all ears to hear your feedback. It would help us in shaping up this feature :)


Is there a reason why we do not have the Export option when displaying a segment? Thanks!

Ative na nossa conta!

@Michel: Good point! Let me sync up with the Product Manager on this.

@Rafaela: Feito. Deixe-nos saber como você gosta :)


@Aravind good to know, can you enable segments for us?

@Pablo: Enabled the Customer Segments on your account. Please share your feedback here :)


@Aravind: Can you enable the customer Segments on our account? looking forward to use this feature.

@ Aravind: Can you enable the customer segments on our account? looking forward to use this feature.


Can you please help us with your freshdesk domain? I'm not able to locate it unfortunately.


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