Customized Freshdesk theme that saves time & money

Freshdesk theme customized by Breezy Themes

This theme was customized by our developers for our Freshdesk support portal. We, at Breezy Themes, use Freshdesk ourselves and know how to make the most out of customization based on Freshdesk functionality and hidden features. 

Like all our templates this theme is fully compatible with Freshdesk Mint and Freshservice and incorporates most popular Freshdesk customizations. Apart from standard features that all our templates have, it inludes: 

  • icons for categories on the home page
  • always visible sticky header
  • side navigation to help users navigate your support portal easier
  • custom links in the footer and header
  • next and prev buttons to forward to the next and previous pages 

Article page on a Freshdesk theme customized by Breezy Themes

This exclusive theme saves your time and money since you don’t get a basic template but a customized support portal. This means you don’t have to wait long and buy every Freshdesk customization separately and therefore save around $400.


Moreover, you can install this Freshdesk theme on your support portal without changes or add other customizations on your own or with our help.


Learn more about the customized Freshservice and Freshdesk theme created for our support portal by contacting us.


About Breezy Themes


Breezy Themes is an authorized Freshworks partner. This means that Freshworks recommends our templates and customization services to their customers. Have a look at some of our works in Case Studies

Breezy Themes is a Freshworks partner

“Our partnership with Breezy Themes ensures businesses using Freshdesk can create highly personalized customer experiences. Breezy Themes are specialists with experience in building and implementing custom themes and templates based on customer requirements.”

Rajiv Ramanan, Head of Freshworks Marketplace

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where can I get this theme? 

Hi Jarin, thank you for your interest! To get this custom Freshdesk theme, you should contact us.

Hi Jarin, thank you for your interest! To get this custom Freshdesk theme you should contact us

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