Announcements in Freshdesk - Keep your agents alerted on downtimes/critical updates!


Do you use Hangouts, Slack or any other messaging tools for team communication about downtimes, updates or any announcement in general? Have you ever felt the need to make some messages sticky in a group so that it reaches the maximum audience?

We're making it easy for you with the new 'Announcement widgets'. They will soon be a part of the Team Dashboards and enable supervisors/admins to setup an announcement that would stay on top of the dashboard screen.

Keep an eye on this space for more updates!


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When is this available to be added to our accounts? 


Announcement widgets can now be added to your Freshdesk account. Tell us if you'd like to and we'll get it enabled on your account. Here's how the announcement would show up on the dashboard:


Can I get this added to our account please? 

@Sam.parris: Sure! Will drop a note as soon as we get this enabled on your account!


@Aravind - Thanks!

Can you please enable it for our account as well? 


Yes please - we would like this adding to our account too.

Absolutely want this on our account, will make communicating with our 90 users much easier..

Please add on and please!

@aravind - could this also be added to our account?  thanks!

@all: I've forwarded the account details to the team. I'll post a note here as soon as we get the feature enabled. 


Please enable this feature.  thank you

Hi Aravind, 

Can this be added to our account please?


Hi Aravind,

Please could you add this to our account also.

Many thanks