Your account has been temporarily blocked


I need to access into my account :

could you please help me. Because it says my account is blocked. So please help me to get out from here, I want back my account so that I can move forward with freshdesk. Please let me know what to do and how to do?


Lead Developer


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Hello Rajesh,

Can you please check the account now? Hope it is now unblocked. Let me know if you need help with anything else :)


Please un block my account. Don’t know why it is blocked
My account is temporarily blocked, Please help

@Kathy, Can you please drop an email to support(at)freshdesk(dot)com with your account details? One of our support heroes will get in touch with you immediately.


My account is temporarily blocked. 

Hello Lior!

Apologies for the delay in response. Are you still facing trouble with accessing your helpdesk? If yes, please write to us at and our support stars will help sort this out for you.