Collaborate with full context using Freshconnect!


We've just launched Freshconnect - a collaboration tool aimed at powering contextual conversations. Freshconnect can be integrated with Freshdesk or Freshsales as of now and other products will soon follow suite.

The Freshdesk-Freshconnect integration helps you to collaborate with both internal teams as well as external partners with full context about the ticket. 

This is available on Freshdesk Mint interface and will soon be rolled to all accounts irrespective of the plan.

If you'd like to get early access to Freshconnect in your Freshdesk account, please register here. 

Time to skip the queue and get hands on access to the most powerful collaboration tool!


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I received the promotional e-mail about this "Freshconnect" feature? Or service? Is there a page about it? How does it differ from the existing "Team Huddle" a.k.a. "Discuss" feature?

@Mr.Smith: You can consider Freshconnect as an upgrade to the Team Huddle feature. Team Huddle enables only agents to collaborate whereas using Freshconnect, you can invite users outside your organisation too. 

All existing accounts with Team Huddle will be upgraded to Freshconnect without losing out on the history of conversations. 

You can read more about Freshconnect here.


Thank you, Aravind.

@Aravind - Can I get this added to our account please 

@Sam: Plans are on for migrating existing users to Freshconnect but that might take a while. Please use this link to request access for the integration.


We've been looking forward to this one. This should make life so much easier when getting answers within the company from non-agents!

Good to know, @Dave. I'm sure you're going to love this! Have you signed up for early access yet? 


@Aravind, oh yes I've signed up. In fact, when I went to sign up it told me I was already registered for early access. I was in a conversation with someone at Freshworks about this feature a few months ago (but wasn't able to take part in the really early access version), and was so eager to get onto it I guess I was added right off the bat. Looking forward to seeing it on our account.


When using Freshconnect to chat with someone out side our organization about a ticket, how does that work since they don't have a Freshdesk account?

@Dave: Ah, not to worry! You should be getting access to Freshconnect real soon!

@Mr.Smith: You'll have an option to invite a collaborator in the Freshconnect window and it would prompt you to add the email address of the collaborator (see the screenshot below)

Once you add a collaborator, they'll get an email with the link to access the discussion. This is how the Freshconnect screen would look for a collaborator (outside the organisation):


Thank you! Now I'm just waiting for my Team Huddle to be replaced with Freshconnect. I submitted a request already.

FYI, the form doesn't work on firefox, since it does not display the checkbox to accept and you can't click submit. I had to use chrome for it to work.

This will be helpful for our agents, we regularly have to revert to internal and external parties to find answers for a ticket. We've found it confusing to hold two different discussions within the same thread so will be training our agents to use this.

@Adam Tounjel: "revert"?

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