Migrating from Desk.com to Freshdesk

I put together a very basic Python script that will take a Desk.com exported CSV file and send the tickets to Freshdesk.

We basically just wanted to have our archive in Freshdesk so it's very limited -- the tickets are only posted as resolved, the formatting of the ticket body is ugly, and we only brought over requester email, subject, body, and Desk ticket number (the original ticket date can't be set in Freshdesk, so it's prepended to the body text). It also skips over cases where there was no requester email -- for instance, if it was a phone case. There are many possible improvements, but the script did what we wanted it to do for the 5,000 or so tickets we really wanted to port over, and so we said "good enough!"

The script DOES handle Freshdesk API's rate limiting.

The repository is: https://github.com/g-yorke/desk-to-freshdesk and the README goes into detail about the above issues and more. 

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No need to use any kind of scripts and pray before using them.

Here is an easy way for migration from Desk.com to Freshdesk - Help Desk Migration

It can migrate Cases, Contacts, Companies, Notes, Agents, Attachments, Knowledge base.

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