Editor Bug

The editor (for tickets and forwarded tickets) has been another sore spot with us.

When we forward an email into Freshdesk and it creates the ticket - the body of the ticket (the original email) gets a BUNCH of <CR> or Line returns added to it. For example, if the ticket was 3 sentences - when we forward it into Freshdesk it often becomes 9 lines (with one or two returns between each sentence) - it's sometimes funny - as you start to see peoples email signatures go from 5 lines to 15 lines in the ticket.

Similar - if we copy and paste a ticket from an email into the Freshdesk web UI editor - we'll see something similar (not quite the same). Here we'll see Freshdesk randomly decide to take spaces between words. So while the line returns work fine doing it this way - the fact that a bunch of words are not misspelled (since they've been combined) becomes very annoying.

Bottom line - we have no reliable way of bringing an email sent directly to a rep into Freshdesk without having to manipulate it quite a bit.

Can you please look at BOTH of these issues and fix them? Thank you,


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STrange that this has not response and no solution after all this time.  This is an important part of the system that is used daily and should be fixed.

I guess nobody reads this.

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