Timer Bug

This has been annoying for a while - but when we open a ticket, there are times we'll start the timer without it being billable. We'll work on the ticket with the client and we'll then add some notes to the ticket and close it. Which will then force the timer to stop. The bug is when the timer stops.

This morning I opened at ticket and within the first minute I started the timer - almost 40 minutes later, I resolved the ticket and before I resolved the ticket, the timer showed 38 minutes and a bunch of seconds (and was still ticking) - the moment I market the ticket resolved - the timer reverted to 3 minutes and stopped.

I'm not sure what causes this - but it's burned us more than once. Can you please dig into this further and get it fixed? Anytime a ticket is closed/resolved - the timer stops - it can't change what the timer was set at.


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Still a year later and this kind of bug not only still exists but has gotten worse.  We've been told it is just visual, we've been asked to provide videos of the issue (which we have), we have been told to basically "deal with it" because the data in the back end is really correct, and many other really poor excuses to mask the fact that Freshdesk doesn't seem to want to admit there is an issue or focus their development efforts on this.  As a result, we are looking at other options.

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