A change to Admins editing Agents?

In the past, as an Admin I've been able to edit Agents' profiles/details.

Now I'm attempting to edit an Agent's details, but I'm unable to because:


Existing freshworks user! Admins cannot edit Agent' profile information.

Agents can edit their profile information in their Freshworks profile.

Why am I not able to edit Agents' details anymore?

Hello Jacqueline,

Welcome to the Freshdesk community. Glad to have you here!

We've been introducing the Freshworks login a.k.a FreshID for existing Freshdesk accounts in batches. With this unified login, you'd be able to try/use other products from the Freshworks' suite seamlessly eliminating the individual logins to each of the accounts. 

With FreshID, every agent gets an unique Freshworks' profile and the ability to edit the profile information now lies with the individual agent. You can read more about FreshID here.


How do I access the FreshID to manage the users profiles

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