Introducing 'Undo Send' - Now available on demand!

At times, we miss out adding a critical information or an attachment in ticket replies and end up sending multiple responses. I've been through such embarrassing moments and this is how it exactly feels like:

Image result for undo email memes

Well, it's not the case anymore. Freshdesk now offers an 'Undo Send' option for ticket replies and an agent working on the Mint interface can enable/disable to their liking. 

We've also made it easy to discover this feature. A help card to enable 'Undo Send' would show up if an agent sends successive replies on the same ticket within a 5 min interval.

Love this update? Drop a note and opt in for enabling the feature in your Freshdesk account!


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Hi, could we please have this feature enabled?

What a nice update Aravind S. Can you enable it on our account,

I'd love to have it enabled on my account!

Hi, we absolutely need this new feature!

Thanks for enabling it in our account.

We'd love this enabled for our portal:

@Erin: Enabled 'Undo Send' for your account. Hope you'll like it :)

@Jeroen: Thanks a lot! Undo Send is now available on your account.

@Sonia: I see that you've two Freshdesk accounts - enabled for both of them :)

@Guiseppe: Happy to have checked off one from your wish list! Keep supporting us!

@Matthyas: 'Undo Send' is now available on your helpdesk.



I would like to have it as well:



You can enable/disable Undo Send from the profile settings page.

@Fabio: Enabled it for your account :)


@Aravind - can you please enable across my accounts as well?

Wish you had this feature since day one! ;-) Yes, sign us up please!!! :-)

Hello, can this be enabled for my account as well?

@Aravind - Can you activate it on our account?

Hi, Could you please enable this feature on our account as well? Thanks
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