Introducing 'Undo Send' - Now available on demand!

At times, we miss out adding a critical information or an attachment in ticket replies and end up sending multiple responses. I've been through such embarrassing moments and this is how it exactly feels like:

Image result for undo email memes

Well, it's not the case anymore. Freshdesk now offers an 'Undo Send' option for ticket replies and an agent working on the Mint interface can enable/disable to their liking. 

We've also made it easy to discover this feature. A help card to enable 'Undo Send' would show up if an agent sends successive replies on the same ticket within a 5 min interval.

Love this update? Drop a note and opt in for enabling the feature in your Freshdesk account!


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 If you are still activating undo send, please add it to our account too. Thanks

I also need this. Please activate!! Thank you 

I would like this activated as well, thanks

It would be nice, if they announced whether they are ever going to enable this or have abandoned it...

Hi everyone!

How much time I have until the "Undo send" disappears!?

can we have this feutures active on our freshdesk?

Hi, could you please enable this feature on our account:

Thank you !

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