Attachments in ticket replies can't be opened without the customer logging in

Our customers do not have Freshdesk accounts, all our interaction is via emailed responses that Freshdesk sends them when we reply to a ticket in our portal.

If we attach files to our replies the customer cannot view them because when they click the link in their email application they are taken to our portal's login page and are then stuck.

Has this changed in the last couple of weeks or have none of our customers told us they couldn't see the attachments? :-(




Does this happen when you create a ticket on behalf of the customers and they receive the new ticket created notification with the link to the attachment? 

If it is an existing ticket and if the agent sends out a reply, it should be easily accessible over the email for the user. Also, I've sent a test email with the subject "Testing attachments" to your support email address. Can you please reply back with a dummy attachment to see if it works as intended?


Hello Paul,

I've received the ticket response and as you can see the PDF file is directly accessible from the email.


Hi Aravind,

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Are you sure you tried clicking on the link from a completely clean browser with no cookies? When we do that the page goes to the Freshdesk login portal as described earlier.



Was there any update to this issue? We currently have Customer's experiancing the same. 

When the Customer attempts to download / preview an attached imagine sent through FreshDesk (in response to a ticket) they are routed to the login page and met with "You must be logged in to access this page" video attached. 

The testing was done on an incognito window with cookies and cache refreshed. 

Is there any update on this? Have clients experiancing the same issue. 

When we sent a client an image attached to the response of their ticket they are routed to the FreshDesk login page with an error saying "you must be logged in to see this" 

Tests were done on an incognito window with cookies refreshed.

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