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Does anyone else have issues with the font on the ticket view of the MINT UI?

We find the subject line particularly bad, it looks ok when Bold but the standard font looks very thin and if you stared at it too long you would pass out.

We have also found that the Grouping of Groups and Agents equals not being able to see either properly as they get truncated. Just make the field responsive to the screen size as full screen there is just lots of blank screen and truncated data.

Anyone else feeling this is detracting from quite a nice update and the only way to get new features?

7 people have this problem

I guess nobody likes change but that font in like being poked in the eye by someone who hates you. Truncating the agent name is annoying (especially with all the white space either side of it) but nothing compared to the font.



Текст действительно очень плохо читаемый, очень устают глаза. Как это можно исправить?

One workaround is to use a CSS modifier browser add-in. I've modified the ticket subject with this css:

.ticket-subject {
    font-size: 15px;
    font-weight: 400;

gif showing the difference



Huge thanks for the tip Brad as some of our users are also struggling with the font UI on Mint.

I don't suppose you would know the code to change the ticket number font size / weighting themselves?

Kind regards


I implemented this too and it helped a lot, I was trying via Chrome Developer Tools to expand the Group/Agent drop-down box in the main ticket view but I am just not good at finding this stuff or knowing when I am beaten.


Something like

    font-size: 13px;    font-weight: 500;

Hey Steve Woodrow, this markup makes the ticket number a tad larger and with a darker font.

.ticket-id {
    color: #444444;
    font-size: 14px;


Peter & Brad

Thanks very much - really appreciated.



Thank you @Brad and @Peter for helping with the tip.

@all, We're working on making some changes to the ticket page layout based on the feedback received so far.

We've been demonstrating this to a few of our customers and we're happy to see some smiling faces. I have attached a screenshot of the new page layout and we'd like to hear your feedback.


This looks a lot better - stands out more

That heavier font weight will make long days easier on the eyes. Appreciate your attention on page readability @Aravind.

When do you expect this change to roll out to all users?

Is there an ETA for these changes - these would help some of my team a great deal.



Are there any planned changes for the ticket views to make them easier to read?

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