The all new Freshdesk mobile app - Up for grabs now!


We're all excited to let you know that the Freshdesk mobile app has gone for a makeover and is now available for Beta. This version of the app is aligned with the Mint interface to provide you a better, faster experience. 

Here's a sneak peek of the new mobile app experience:

If you'd like to opt in for the Beta, please drop us a note here with your preferred version of the app (Android or iOS or both).

**Update** Owing to the tremendous response from the Community, we've more users for BETA testing the app than we expected. We're closing out the BETA opt-ins for the mobile app.

**Update** You can download the latest versions of the app from these links:

iOS -
Android -


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Hi @Aravind - I would love to test this new version (Android)

I'd like access to the beta please. Both versions.

Thank you @Sam. The team will send over the build soon :)


Great to see this getting an overhaul! Hoping to see a lot more of the desktop features being available (esp. creating and editing company info and adding tags as well as having access to solutions and discussions.

I'd like to test the iOS version please :)

Thanks for opting in @Mark!


@Michael: Absolutely! This is not only a design overhaul for that it comes up with some additional features. You should be getting your hands on the new version real soon :)


I'd like to have access to the beta version (Android).

Please add me as well for Android please.
I'd be very keen to test android please. Great job guys!
Hi! I wanna test in IOS versión!

That looks very good!

I would be happy if I could test the iOS version.

@Sonia @Erik @Fernando: I've added your request to the waitlist. You'll soon get an email from the team with the instructions for the build.

@Garth: Thank you! Hope the new app keeps you smiling :)


@Marco: Glad you're liking it. We'll send over the build soon!


We are interested in testing the iOS version.

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