Sandbox Environment for Testing

Once a Freshservice instance has gone live and is in production, changes may want to occur. Depending on the change (new Workflows, installation of apps, retrieving/updating data via the API, etc.), it'll likely want to be tested first. Doing this on a live/production environment is not the best option as it can lead to undesirable results depending on the action occurring.

Providing access to a Sandbox instance would allow administrators to perform their testing before implementing the changes to their Live/Production instance. In addition to this, it will allow for the creation of test tickets without affecting the quality of the data in the live/production environment (which is important for management when running reports).

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I would also like to see this feature

It does look like FreshWorks got this feature in Feb 2019,  any idea on if this will be applied to FreshService?

Any news on when this will be scheduled?

Hi All, Sandbox is available now in Freshservice. You'll find more info here:

Thanks for the update, but it is very disappointing Fresh Service has chosen to make this only available @ Forset level

Only offering the sandbox to Forest is really disappointing.

I don't know that I have ever Not had access to a mimicked testing/sandbox environment for any application I have used.  This would include in a community system. 

100% agree, I need to test the MSP Functionality and have no way to do so without messing up my current instance

I could really do with this feature without having to upgrade my package anymore than I already have. Why only provide a test environment to those on Forest? 

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