#JustLaunched - Track changes made to your helpdesk using Audit Log


Do you have multiple admins taking care of your helpdesk? Having multiple admins makes administration easier but there's always a risk of losing visibility over the changes made and who made them.

Getting lost in the sea of changes made in your helpdesk happens a lot. But, you don't have to worry about it anymore!

Introducing Audit Log, your one-stop for tracking the changes made to automations, agent profiles and what not! 

Here's a glimpse of what you'll see in the Audit Logs page of your helpdesk:

Audit Log will be available for all accounts on Estate and Forest plans and only on the MINT interface. Read this article to explore more about the different activities captured by the feature in detail.

NOTE: Audit Log can be seen on new signups starting today and will be rolled out to existing accounts in batches.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, skim through the changes made in your helpdesk and comment your feedback/suggestion on this thread.


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Nice feature. Would this show when an admin makes changes to portal customizations, or when they publish the customer portal?

Just for info, the article link should be as follows ;




Hi Aravind,

Are there plans to expand the Modules that are tracked ?  and include non-Admin modules (like contacts / companies) ??

it would be extremely useful if it could.



@Kevin: As of now, it covers only the changes made to Accounts, Agents and Automations in the helpdesk. We'll definitely explore more modules that can be added in the future. Thanks for your suggestion!

Nice catch @David. I've updated the link now :) I see that you're interested in tracking the changes made to contacts/companies. Do you want to see who deleted a contact permanently? 

@all: Please use this thread to write down your suggestions. If you see any comment that mirrors your opinion, please login to the portal and hit on the 'Like' button against the comment. This will help us to get the hang of the popular ideas and drive the enhancements for Audit Log accordingly.



Will this include auditing on company and contact information as I raised this an enhancement early this year. We have no visibility of when team members create a record incorrectly so cant check who created it, when or why

Many thanks



There is no ability to export this information. For e.g., if you need to calculate how many hours each agent was available on a particular day, one will need the ability to export the data and calculate.

Also, in other cases where you want your managers to view the audit reports so manage resources better, you will need to export the data as you cannot give everyone access to admin page.

Love it. Now I can track down who changed that automation rule and apportion blame and shame accurately!

Audit Log is now available for your knowledge base. You can start tracking all the knowledge base related activities going forward. Read more about it here.

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