Email Notification - MINT

Anyone else having issues with getting e-mail notifications? We have not been getting any of the e-mail notifications (in outlook, ie: when a client responds, etc...).

My notifications are on and were working until Friday. No changes have been made on the portal on our side. 

We also cannot even get access to the "email_notifications" templates on the portal:

https://[URL OMMITED]com/a/admin/email_notifications


Hello BeeP,

Sorry for the trouble. Are you still seeing this error on accessing the email notifications? Can you please try this on an incognito window just to separate the session from this one?

If you're still seeing this error, please open the browser console, select Network tab and refresh the page once to record the logs. Click on the erring log and help us with the X-request ID for the request that's failing so that we can get this fixed real quick.


Hi Aravind, 

Thanks for the prompt response. 

This is actually becoming a concern because we are not getting any notifications in our inbox when a note is left, or a client has responded back to a ticket. 

May I send the required info via ticket? 

Same  - Verification emails to verify new product and support email address are not coming through.

@BeeP: The team is on the case and you can expect this to be solved soon. I'll try to debug this one as quick as I can while the team's on it.


Thanks Aravind, this looks to be fixed now. Thank you!!

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