Emojis in articles: content disappears and is not saved

I just found a severe bug in Freshdesk articles.

When you write a new article and add emojis, when saving the article, all the content after the first emoji disappears! 


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Hello Luc,

Thanks for posting this on our community. Freshdesk now supports emoji in tickets and it has not been extended to forums and solutions. We're working on a few ideas to make your knowledge base experience better and I'll see if we can add this to the queue.


Don't put one in your title or the same thing will happen....if you put the emoji in first, then you are in an extra 勒 with the whole title missing (then you can't click to open and edit it any longer)

+1 for this. Would really appreaciate emoji support in articles


Apologies for the delay in getting back.

We have fixed the issue with saving the article content. Going forward the content will not disappear if it is preceded by an emoji. However, we do not support emojis in Knowledge base as of now. But we are happy to explore the possibilities of this feature being picked up. You can follow this space for any updates on the new features/enhancements from us.