Mint Experience Issues

Is anyone else having a lot of issues with the new mint experience?

1. Found another issue with mint. When we are creating ticket and type in results if we get a match, in the old freshdesk you could tab and it would select.  In the new mint it does not do this and leaves the field blank.

2. When we are looking at Surveys and I select a specific group, why do the agents not get filtered as well just for the group selected?

3. When we are looking at tickets, in the old freshdesk version, we could click on who a ticket was from and that would open up that customer.  In mint, we can no longer do that. 

4. In the old version of freshdesk if there was a picture inserted into a message, you could then click an item in the upper left hand corner to insert the picture.  With mint this is not there

5. I noticed in the notifications option, in mint when you right click you do not get open in a new tab or windows.  In the old freshdesk you did when you right clicked.  Also in mint when I hold the ctrl key down and click on a ticket, it does not open but goes back to the dashboard.  In the old freshdesk I could hold the ctrl key down and click the ticket and it would open in a new tab.  I think this is not working and reverting back to the dashboard because of the items below when I right click. In mint this does not seem to exist. 

6. When I am creating a ticket and click on a field I can search for it.  If I have dependent fields and then they pop up, if I click the tab key to go to the next field, the search does not work. 

7. I have the surveys on my dashboard.  When I click on them and try to look at a specific group and make that selection, none of the information reflects just that group.  I see no OK button or anything. When I select a group I expect numbers to change. 

8. Scenarios not working

9. Scroll bar issue not working. There are two scrolls bars and only show at the bottom of the ticket page to scroll and see the complete of the ticket.  

2 people have this problem

having also different issue....

1. Reaction of mint is very slow..

2. when creating an outgoing ticket (with or without template) signature isn't added

3. reporting of total tickets isn't correct

4. having issues when setting due date for to do's.... works in previous version...

We stopped Mint because Grammarly browser extension does not work in Mint Solutions

 I have a case open with six different Mint issues, urging Freshdesk not to force us to cut over to the new Mint "experience". So far nothing has been done.

Why do we need Mint in the first place? The old UI has better layout, responsiveness, and most importantly, far fewer bugs.

I do like some of the things in MInt but far too many issues with Mint.  I have about 15-20 of them right now and not one has been addressed

I've been a Freshdesk customer since 2013 and generally the product has been solid, even if they don't really seem to ever address longstanding issues (like replying with a different email opening a new ticket). Nevertheless, we've worked around the quirks and been happy enough with it.

But this is different. Mint is much slower and much buggier. Everyone on my team who's tried it strongly dislikes it. It just makes zero sense to force everyone to cut over when it's so buggy.

They are ignoring my support case now, which is not helpful.


We've been consistently working on improving your experience with the new Mint interface. Every week, we've been fixing the issues/concerns reported with the Mint interface and you can track all of them here.

With Mint, we're able to build and ship more features that weren't possible with the earlier version and more importantly, we're able to do it in a good pace. I'll try to address the major concerns reported on this thread.

  1. Using "Tab" on the new ticket page: 

                            When you use the "Tab" button on the new ticket page, the expected behaviour is that it takes the selected option as the input for the field and moves on to the next field on the form. However, this doesn't happen and the selected value gets cleared before the focus shifts to the next field. We've worked on a fix for this bug and it will be deployed soon.

  2. Opening tickets or notifications in a new tab:

                                You can now right click and open tickets on a new tab from the list view or key down the keyboard shortcut "CMD" or "CTRL" and click on the tickets. We'll be adding the ability to right click and open a ticket on a new tab right from the notifications pane - The fix is currently in review and you can expect it to be rolled out in a few weeks' time.

  3. Signatures on the new ticket/outbound email page:

                                We've fixed this issue. Please refer to this topic for the latest information.

  4. Slow performance: 

                                We've been optimising the performance of Mint and it has been gradually improving since the launch. If there are any specific actions on which you observe slowness, please let us know. In general, we're also working on improving the response times taken by the app to load a page.

  5. Grammarly extension on the solution article editor:

                                We're working on a revamped knowledge base for Freshdesk with additional features like approval workflow, reporting, etc. With the revamped kbase, I don't see any issues in using an extension like Grammarly or any other.

If there are any other issues or concerns that you'd like to highlight, please write them down in the comments. I'll make sure the team gets aware of the critical issues and also help you with the status update of few items that they're already working on.


Thanks for the update Aravind,

I think we can get used to the Mint experience ... over time ...

My primary focus at this point is to be able to provide a spell checker to our agents when creating KB articles (trust me - they need help and with the Mint UI we're left with no spell checker). Today we use Grammarly, but we are open to any suggestions as long as we are not left without anything (and it must work in Solutions like now using the 'old' version).

Will there be a spell checker available when you force us to switch to Mint?

Thank you for a quick update.   

@Jesper, If you notice, Grammarly does work in the Mint interface. If you open a ticket and try to type some text with the Grammarly extension enabled, it recognises the input and helps you with the suggestions. 

It doesn't work on the solutions/forums editor since they are rendered via an iframe. Grammarly doesn't work with the text editors rendered via an iframe and I remember them suggesting their Desktop app or to use to handle such cases.

If you're on Chrome, it has a native spell checker built within that can also prove handy.


How about the following?

1) Mint frequently eliminates all spacing as I'm typing. No attempt to add spaces back in addresses this.
2)  Mint will refuse to send a ticket update and instead error with "Oops! Please try again" but this doesn't succeed.
3) No tickets - at least once we've returned to the tickets menu after one of those "Oops!" errors and no tickets were displayed under any view/filter combination
4) Wrong updates - sometimes when opening we will see our last response to the previous ticket in the current ticket's reply space
5) Performance. Dumping browser cache helped but Mint struggles and lags.
6) Sometimes Mint will not allow me to submit a ticket. I can type everything out, but the submit button is grayed out.

There's just too much not working right about Mint for you to force it on people.

I also been using Freshdesk for about a year and really don't like the Mint "Experience".

The agency I work for that has used it for 3-4 years don't like it either. None of the agents like it at all, and they have all tried more than once to switch over. These guys are power users and the new update stops them in their tracks.

Its slow, buggy, and the UI change (as much as it looks cleaner) is nowhere near as functional. 

All of our emails are falling on deaf ears regarding bugs. I don't understand how this product could be forced on anyone. 

I'll be leaving Freshdesk and I strongly suspect the agency will also with their 6 or 7 agents. We've tried to be patient. We've responded to emails but nothing has been done.

I completely agree with Max above. I don't understand why it's being forced. It's beta at best.

As far as UI updates go - this 'mint experience' is pretty ridiculous. It's 2018 and somehow you have no concept of UX design. Most people strive to design a 'positive' user experience, as opposed to this mess which you've created.

I could list the 20+ legitimate UI/UX issues you've blindly created, but to be honest you need to start this joke of an interface from scratch. To list a few:

- Your pages basically have freckles what with the amount of traffic-light menu's you've placed left right and center. What a fun game of hide and seek...

- Let's create a nice screen-sized rectangle ticket.. BUT WAIT! Let's only make the average-sized title inside that rectangle clickable.. Don't want to make it too easy.

I work in a team of 8 and we're already sussing out a few alternative options than deal with this mess.

Yes I agree. Mint has many bugs. The main ones are that it is much slower, and the editor is very buggy.  ( removes spaces and new line characters).

We were so happy with the clean fast interface of FD-Classic. That is why we chose it. The new layout is so busy. But they are not interested in their customers. They just want to look like Zendesk. very sad :-(   

I used to recommend FD, not any more.

Hi everyone,

I'm Shankar from the Freshdesk product team. Over the last six months, we've received lots of feedback from our customers like you about usability in the new Mint experience. We've noticed four major themes, and we are working to fix them. I'm hoping we'll be able to make Mint more usable with these improvements.

- Many agents who use Freshdesk felt that there's too much whitespace in the new interface and it's quite hard to differentiate between agent and customer responses. We're now working on changes to the conversation layout, which is a lot more readable, and clearly distinguishes responses, as you can see below:


- We're moving first response due and resolution due timestamps above the properties pane, to the second column. Tags will become part of ticket properties again. With these changes, you'll find everything related to properties of a ticket in the second column, making the screen less cluttered. 

- Over the last year, we've been making several improvements to handle performance better. We've been hearing that Mint is slow when you have a bunch of tabs open, and we're working on updates to make Mint faster in such situations. 

- Another reason for frustration with Mint, is with the editor experience. While we've fixed a good bunch of cursor, formatting issues, some of these issues seem to have reappeared. We're now working on upgrading the editor experience, fixing bugs and retaining the font you've chosen in Admin settings, etc. 

These changes will be rolling out in the next few weeks. You can follow the release notes from this page. We'd also love to get on a call and show you a walkthrough of these new changes :)


The forced switchover to Mint has significantly impacted our techs ability to respond to issues in a timely manner. 

The new interface is so crowded and visually unappealing that our techs report spending more time hunting down the controls they wish to use than actually using the controls. This is bad UI design and will not be solved by incremental 'optimization'. 

Performance is ridiculously slow, page elements such as the Filters box often load significantly slower than the rest of the page, or not at all in some cases. 

While obviously designed for mobile view, no tablet or phone currently on the market has the processing power to make this abomination of an interface snappy, or even responsive. Additionally, redesigning for mobile is beyond ridiculous as I don't know a single support tech who prefers mobile text entry over desktop for ticket responses beyond a single sentence. 

Completely wiped out our corporate branding and we don't have the time nor the interest in redesigning it yet again. 

All in all, without addressing these issues in a significant manner, we will be dropping freshdesk at the end of the quarter. 

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