Apps don't work together

Non-Billable by default in MintAuto Start Timer... 

These two apps ignore one another... 

So, we want all tickets to be non-billable by default but we also want to start timers, to track how much time we spend on a ticket. We set both apps up, however, Auto Start Timer automatically makes everything it logs BILLABLE. It's very annoying.

Please fix. Ideally, it would be nice to have these apps built into the product and have as options that we can select.

Has this issue been resolved where All Time Log entries default to Billable as we also need the majority of tickets as non-billable and that should be the default.

@Shawn @Glen, Thanks for sharing this with the community. Making these work together might be harder to achieve. Do you think adding an option to choose the time entry type while you setup the Auto Start Timer app can be helpful?


Ideally, no... I'd like them to work together and leave the process fully automated. If that's not possible, then this would be a baby step in that direction, but doing it as you propose would open up the possibility for error.

@Shawn, Sorry if my previous message wasn't clear enough. I was trying to propose an option where you can choose the time entry to be billable or non-billable, while configuring the Auto Start timer app in your helpdesk. This eliminates the need to install two separate apps and also keeping the process fully automated. 

I've already reached out to the partner who built this to check if they can quickly add this enhancement to the current version.


Ahh - I'll tell you what would be amazing - YES what you suggested, BUT the ability to set different scenarios... for example:

If I choose a status "OPEN - Billable" - the timer starts and it's set to bill. If I choose a status "OPEN - Non-Billable" - it starts the timer but doesn't set it as billable. 

Currently, the app only lets you choose one option - and you can set various ticket status to react to that option - but you only get one. So for this to be useful as you suggest, it would have to all for multiple options. Make sense?

Thanks - hopefully this could be done - as it would solve a few issues (not just what I'm talking about in this thread).

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