Feedback widget chrome not working 307 Internal Redirect


I have put the popup feedback widget on our site, but in Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) when i click on the button and it tries to load the content i get 307 Internal Redirect and it redirects to about:blank.

I have tried this : and this as well with and without ssl.

Hello István,

Welcome to the Freshdesk community. Congrats on your first post here.

Can you please confirm that the url in the code that you use for adding the widget has the reference to your helpdesk account instead of

Also, I tried the widget on a sample HTML page here with Chrome 69 and it seem to work for me with https url references. 


Dear Aravind

Obviously the companyname is modified.

You can check it out on the live site here:

the link should be



I tried accessing the help widget from your site and it seem to load for me without any issues. Please check the screenshot below:


Thank you for your help :)

My mistake.

It seams that Privacy Badger was the one that caused the problems and blocked the site.


Ah, that's okay István :) I was about to ask you to check the site on an incognito window. Glad you've figured it out.


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