Important: Migrating your account to Freshdesk Mint

Hello everyone,

My name is Gireesh and I am the head of product for Freshdesk.

Last week, we sent out an email to all of our customers and announced that we’ll be deprecating the old version of Freshdesk by the 31st of January 2019. As a result, we’ll be migrating all of your accounts to Mint - a fully-revamped, improved version of Freshdesk that we released a year ago.

Depending on who you are, this is either completely fine or kinda scary and frustrating. But I wanted to take a moment to let all of you know that, no matter which camp you belong to, we’re here to help you with this transition.

Since we launched Mint last year, thousands of teams have moved over to Mint and have found it to be more intuitive than the old Freshdesk experience. So much that today, more than 75% of the agents using our product are on Mint. We’re pretty happy with some of the feedback we’ve received so far and we’re working hard to address open requests and concerns. 

In recent months, we’ve added powerful features and enhancements to Mint to show you what’s possible with our new technology platform. Going forward, we have plans to leverage it further and build more innovative features that weren’t possible earlier. 

While we understand that the old version of Freshdesk helped us get to where we are today, it’s equally important for us to turn our focus to the new version and work on it exclusively. We believe this is the right way forward for us to take our product so that we can continue offering more value to our customers.

Please check your inbox for an email from our customer success team about this update. We have a team of experts on standby to take any questions or migration requests you might have - so please don’t hesitate to reply and ask for help.

As always, I’ll be happy to hear your feedback, and I look forward to your continued support.

Gireesh Subramaniam

Director of Product, Freshdesk

P.S. I have attached a document explaining everything that is new on Mint as a quick refresher.


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We don't understand why you promote upgrading to freshdesk Mint while it still has plenty of bugs.

Although we liked the interface, after we had migrated it was not possible anymore to reply on ecommerce incoming tickets,

So suddenly our helpdesk system didnt work anymore!

When we contacted your support, they told us they knew that the ecommerce integration didnt work witht he new version. How can you let people update this or even not inform about known bugs in a production environment where thousands of tickets have to be handled?

Hello Sandy,

We have been careful in not upsetting the workflow of a live account and that's the reason why Mint has been rolled out in batches ever since its inception. We have also included the option to switch back to the Classic interface if some missing feature proves to be a blocker.

Having said that, over the past few months, we have been introducing new features while simultaneously working on getting all the features that you see on the Classic interface available on Mint, if not better. You can follow our release notes to stay updated on any changes to the Mint interface.

For now, I'd suggest you to use the Classic interface to setup the eBay integration but you can be assured that it will make its way onto the Mint interface soon.


Tried Mint today. The font weight on the subject in the ticket list is uncomfortably low. It makes the page painful to use.

Maybe it's something to do with Windows 8 or not being in my 20s but there is no way I could use Mint in the long term as it is.

Easily readable text is a top level requirement.

Hi Peter, 

I'm Shankar from the Freshdesk product team. 

You're right about the fonts. We're making a bunch of enhancements based on feedback we've received. We'll definitely look at increasing font sizes - this is something we've heard from others, too.


Thanks Shankar. Increasing the font weight to 400 or 450 would help a lot. It isn't really the height so much as the font width.

We transitioned last Thursday and it has been very painful and frustrating. Watch your phone credits, especially if most of your customers are phone based. Ours didn't transfer over causing a major shutdown of more than 2/3 of our busy Monday resulting in a major productivity and cost loss.

Although, I'm hoping for the best with Mint my whole team and myself feels the previous version was much more intuitive than this. Many features are lost that we've used and some of the new features take more steps to get to.

As I said, I'm hoping for the best.

We were unpleasantly surprised this morning to see that it just switched over ~65 days early.  

"The old Freshdesk has been removed from your account. Enjoy the Mint experience!"

TRYING, but it still has too-many serious problems, new to Mint, and previously reported long ago.

Newest bug found today: copy/paste from Outlook introduces random spaces into the middle of the text, or removes needed line-breaks.

You lied to our customers!

I was shocked to find out when I logged in that the "old" Freshdesk design suddenly disappeared and the new design "Mint" was activated without my permission.

For several months now, you've been annoying us customers by telling them that you're going to force everyone to switch by January 31, 2019.

What is today? Today is December 03, 2018! You changed it without permission! What is this bad action for the customers? Months and weeks ago I already reported bugs here, which are in the new design "Mint". Until today you never got a reaction from @Freshdesk. And now, a sad game that you're playing.

Today's news:
"The old Freshdesk has been removed from your account. We wish you lots of fun with Mint!

Are you serious? Today, December 03, 2018 is not January 31, 2019. There are still a lot of problems in and with the new design "Mint", which have been said here in the community in the section "Problems" by other customers again and again. Your reaction to mistakes with the design "Mint" = equal to zero.

What is this community for if you are not interested at all in the people who use it?

A real tragedy. Thanks for nothing.

(58.5 KB)
(17.8 KB)

An elementary and important example is that contact photos of the users that were automatically created via Facebook in a ticket, with the new design "Mint" does not work at all. It no longer displays contact photos. Communicated here months and weeks ago. Your reaction? None! Now "Mint" has been installed and the error is still there. I don't see any contact photos anymore.


@Rob @Rene, We're sorry for the blip and I'd like to clarify that it was an unintentional change. This happened because of a recent code change and affected a few of our customers' accounts. We're trying to reverse the change but I've managed to re-activate the Classic Freshdesk interface for your accounts. You'll continue to have access to the Classic Freshdesk interface until the original date mentioned earlier in the post. I'll also look at the other issues reported and make sure they're addressed soon.

I would also like to let you know that we've been collecting feedback from our users on their experience with Mint and have prioritised the items to be fixed before we bring the curtain down on the Classic Freshdesk UI. We'll continue to make your experience with Mint better and you can track all the progress here.


Thanks, Aravind, I'm glad to hear the early switch was unintentional, and glad to have the old fully-baked version back for a little while longer :)

Also glad to see the release notes -- Any chance of giving those an RSS feed?  (so we could subscribe instead of constantly reload to find out if something is new)

The mint version is still in a Beta stage:

- ecommerce channels dont work anymore as the reply button is missing in the tickets. Our requests when this will be working continue to be ignored.

- our freshphone and freschat for existing users still hasent been migrated and after we followed the instructions to register now our trial has expired.

We will not tolerate that our account is migrated to a new version which works only half as we had last year when two days we were not able to respond to any ecommerce tickets anymore. We receive almost 300 tickets a day, so disrupting a business by an upgrade in beta stage is unacceptable.

It's not ideal that we are losing a lot of custom made apps with the migration to freshdesk mint.

There seems to be no way to implement the same apps in Mint. I have tried creating apps in the way set out at however this seems to be missing key functionality we had before. Previously, I was able to implement custom fields in my apps using the placeholders. This no longer seems to work and there seems to be no replacement for this functionality in your Data API

@Sandy, We're sorry to hear that you're facing few issues on the Mint interface. Along with the e-commerce integration, there are few other apps that are currently unavailable on Mint. The apps are ready and, over the next few days, we'll add them to the marketplace site.

 I'll have your Account Manager to reach out to discuss more on the migration plan.


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