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My name is Kurt Kroeker and I'm responsible for managing the FreshDesk instance for EnergyCAP, Inc. We bought FreshDesk because we are hoping to use it as a platform where our clients can contact Development directly with feature requests, ask each other questions, and share knowledge. I'm specifically interested in how FreshDesk can be leveraged to meet those goals, so I hope to find some answers in the community here.

Hi @Kurt, 

I'd recommend you to read the Community guidelines if you haven't yet. It will give you an idea about the different tracks in the community and where to look for a specific information. Freshdesk community is exactly setup for your goal and I hope you have a lot of insights to take from the community :) 



My name's Max. Currently I'm studing at the faculty of architecture building and planning. I'm really into buiding design and constructing both residential complexes and office centers which are peculiar-modelled and are mostly made of glass. I like the projects like Hardman,Bechtel and Gilbane Building Company. I'm also trying to get into IT-sphere as it's closely connected to virtual design and if I'm not mistaken Freshdesk platform is able to help with creating a personalized support experience for a customer by setting up a portal that is in line with one's business. 

So I hope to find here what I'm looking for!

Hello, This is Umut from Turkey. We are freshdesk partner and helping customer to implemant and effective use of freshworks product. i am here t learn new things and share my knowledge with others. So if you have any question on freshworks products feel free to ask me. Best

Hi, I'm Yaisa and my company uses Freshdesk as a ticket system. As their Service Desk I am the main user of the system and I hope getting the most out of it by reading up on forums and such. 

Best regards

Hello, my employer uses Freshdesk. I wish there was a way to go full screen author mode when adding a response to a ticket. 

Hi, I'm Scott and we're trying out Freshdesk as an alternative to our current ticketing system.  We can also use the free version which will please lots of the people who pay the bills here  :)    Looking forward to asking loads of questions to get the most out of it.

Hello, I am Jaya and want to know if you provide services in the UAE Region

Hello, I am Craig and Gamification discussions took me here. 

FYI, Freshdesk doesn't participate in this forum.


My name is Soham and our company integrates with Freshdesk and companies visualise the data through data pipelines and BI platform. Our company is called 

Hi I'm Aaron and our company recently made the transition from a previous ticketing system to fresh works. Looking to stay in the loop of potential and future updates coming soon. Stay aware of potential rising issues and Also would like to provide constructive input on current and future developments for the software.

Hi, I'm Sadi and our company using the Freshdesk for the customer ticketing system. I'm a developer in our company and working on different apps making which helps our other developers to work faster and more productive way. I came to this community because of my poor knowledge on freshdesk API and to improve my development skills and to help others. Besides, it keeps me updated about new features. Thanks a lot.

ticket number #5938549 not solve the issue please resolve the this issues 

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