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I am here because i can't believe how Freshdesk 's team are not willing with the community. There's a lot of basic features that are not even planned.

• Bulk edit on search: I don't need to explain.

• Email delimiter: so the replies from costumer does not show quoted messages.

• Admin be able to edit all agent's profile details (picture, phone, title, etc...)

• Dynamic signatures, using data from agent's profile

• An option to run an automation for all tickets, not only the new ones.

I am very sad to see how you guys are not even trying to understand costumers needs. Looks like you don't have a project manager.


My name is Marco.

I'm responsable for helpdek platform for my employeer.

My english isn´t my strength but i'll try to make me understand.



I'm Kailey and I'm currently working as a live chat app agent. Looking forward to learn about Freshdesk and how it can provide a better user experience to our online visitors.

Hello, all! My name is Dave, and I'm a tech lead at Burbro. I look forward to learning more about Freshdesk and how it can help us with our customer service interactions. It's great to see such an active support community... That's usually a very good sign.


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hi, my coworker uses Freshdesk. I wish there was a way to go full-screen mode when adding a response to a patron,


thank you

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