DKIM Selector Clash with Send Grid

We are using SendGrid and freshdesk and it seems they both are causing conflicts in the CNAME configs, I can't add both. Please assist

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I am having the same issue with getting DKIM enabled and as we have a DMARC quarantine policy in place the messages are currently failing DMARC and being marked as spam\junk. 

@Hunain @Hicks, Good to know that you've been able to set up DKIM with the help of our support team. We generally recommend reaching out to our support team ( in case there's a clash with the records that need to be added for enabling DKIM. This is because we've to analyse the current set of records that you use for other applications and then manually create a new one to set up DKIM in Freshdesk. We've also added this information to the self-help article here.


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