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Starting this thread for discussions around Quick Actions. If you're wondering what it is all about, read this article to know how Quick Actions can help agents in their daily tasks.

Quick Actions enable agents to search and insert canned responses or solution articles in their replies.  We're looking for some ideas to enhance its range further.

What else would you like to perform using Quick Actions? Write down your thoughts here.


When entering solutions via quick actions, I am only able to insert them in English. We have them in three other languages as well. I have raised the issue in a ticket (2875211)

Hi Sonia,

I'm Shankar from the Freshdesk product team. 

Thank you for the suggestion - we definitely need to support the ability to search multilingual solution articles in quick actions. I've noted this down, and will get back to you when we make some progress on this front. 


We need:

  • /f for canned forms
  • /a for scenario automation -
    Yes, it would be very useful to be able to run automations while in the reply area. Desk allowed you to run "macros" which were a combination of Canned Responses and Scenario Automations. Essentially, one feature allowed you to do one the other or both of these features so you could insert text and update fields with one (or more) macros. 

And just to provide a tip to all, if you press "S" while you are not in "reply" mode, the Scenario Automations panel pops up. 


/f for canned forms is a good idea. We'll definitely get to doing it soon :)

I'm not sure about /a though. We already have something a little bit contradicting: /s for solution articles in the reply editor and s, the keyboard shortcut for invoking scenarios outside of the reply editor. I'm thinking /a would be a little confusing and isn't really close to the term 'Scenarios'.

I'm going to spend some time on this and get back :)


I think you are overstating the confusion of using /a for scenario "a"utomations a bit. When you look at app menu keyboard shortcuts, they have to go to 2nd letter or further to overcome duplicate commands. If I am in a reply, and I want to run a scenario, I can't, without moving my mouse. It would be super convenient and no one actually HAS to use it if it is too "confusion". But it should be an option, nonetheless.



A recent fix, correctly addressed the slash issue. Where typing slash and then a space would still prompt the user for canned responses or solutions.

In the ticket issues (319676) you responded that you'd be fixing this so that this wouldn't happen unless you typed /c or /s. Preventing people from having to exit out of the prompt as soon as they used a slash. But now you've gone too far because when I type /c then a space I'm not searching Canned Responses. Instead I have to type /c, wait for the prompt to load, then hit enter, then use arrows to select the response, then click enter again.

Being able to type /c then a space and immediately start searching saved TONS of time, but now that I have to wait for the prompt and press enter it's no quicker than just using the mouse and going to the canned responses interface.

I would suggest that you keep the fix for typing slash and a space, but bring back the functionality where I can type /c and a space to immediately search my canned responses. People already have the ability to turn off Quick Actions if they don't want them at all, but it feels like I'm getting punished for a issue that didn't even involve these Quick Actions.

Currently, it appears that quick action for canned responses only works in email replies.  My team was disappointed to see that they couldn't use the "/c" quick action when creating a new ticket for a customer.  They have to click on the canned responses button and then click on the canned response for something to be entered into the Description box.

Indeed, Mitchell. I see your post is a bit old, so I'm wondering if the admins will see this.

I've been having trouble with the browser's autofill forms. It's a bug, to be honest. When you type /c and hit enter to search for the saved canned answers, if you typed something by mistake, the browser occasionally will save as recent search suggestions. Like it's done with frequent user fields, with a word search, like "Windows", or just the letter "w".

I can send further detail if necessary, but it's completely frustrating the way it currently is done.

Luckily I can quickly delete the old autofill entries by pressing the arrow keys and pressing Shfit+Del. That's the workaround for now. I'm glad I know this trick, otherwise Idk how I'd deal with this.

Please fix this, admins!

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